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is today happie for you?


Sorry, this might be late D: But congratulations on graduating! Best of luck for the future, take care, be happie, smile :-)

Congratulations to any of my other followers who have recently graduated!

Oh btw, it’s not me who has graduated LOL I graduated last year, but this is a request/suggestion from an anon ^^

金曜日, 6月 8th 2012 | 12:17:00

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    Special buat yang mau graduation day besok!!! Happy Graduation. Doakan saya di periode berikutnya… Amin
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    Wow. I did it. Time, how you fly.
  8. kristtttarのコメント: oh wait..nvm LOL i thought you were graduating
  9. joturtleのコメント: Congratulations :D!
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